Woodworker Makes Gorgeous Wooden Checkerboards You’ll Want to Play On

Woodworker turns reclaimed barn wood into beautiful chessboards

Have you ever played a game of chess on a wooden board If so, you may have noticed how the different colors of the wood create a striking visual effect. But did you know that these beautiful boards are often made from reclaimed barn wood That’s right, the same wood that was once used to build sturdy barns can now be used to create a one-of-a-kind chessboard that will last for generations.

A Woodworker Makes Wooden Checkerboards?

Woodworker creates beautiful wooden checkerboards using a variety of woods, including maple, walnut, and cherry. The checkerboards are made to order and can be customized with different colors and designs.

How to Make a Wooden Checkerboard


2 pieces of 1×6 pine board, each 12 inches long
2 pieces of 1×4 pine board, each 12 inches long
1 piece of 1×2 pine board, 12 inches long
Wood glue
Stain or paint (optional)
Checkerboard pieces (see below for instructions)


1. Cut the 1×6 boards into 12 pieces, each 2 inches wide.
2. Cut the 1×4 boards into 12 pieces, each 1 inch wide.
3. Glue the 1×6 pieces together to form a 12-by-12-inch square.
4. Glue the 1×4 pieces to the edges of the square, creating a border.
5. Sand the checkerboard smooth.
6. Stain or paint the checkerboard, if desired.
7. Cut the checkerboard pieces out of felt or fabric.
8. Glue the checkerboard pieces to the board.


Use a saw guide to make sure your cuts are straight.
Use a sharp pencil to mark your lines before cutting.
Apply glue to both surfaces of the wood before gluing the pieces together.
Let the glue dry completely before sanding.
Use a fine-grit sandpaper to sand the checkerboard smooth.
Apply several coats of stain or paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.
Use a ruler to make sure the checkerboard pieces are evenly spaced.
Glue the checkerboard pieces to the board in a random pattern.

Finishing Touches

Once the checkerboard is finished, you can add a few finishing touches to make it look even more beautiful.

You can add a felt or fabric backing to the checkerboard to protect it from wear and tear.
You can add a decorative border around the checkerboard.
You can hang the checkerboard on the wall or display it on a table.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can make a beautiful wooden checkerboard that will be enjoyed by people of all ages.


What is a wooden checkerboard?

A wooden checkerboard is a game board made of wood, typically with alternating dark and light squares. It is used to play the game of checkers.

How do you make a wooden checkerboard?

To make a wooden checkerboard, you will need the following materials:

A piece of wood (such as plywood or MDF)
A saw
A drill
A router
Wood stain or paint
Checker pieces

First, cut the wood to the desired size. Then, use the drill to make holes for the checker pieces. Finally, use the router to create the checkerboard pattern.

What are the different types of wooden checkerboards?

There are many different types of wooden checkerboards, each with its own unique characteristics. Some of the most popular types include:

Classic checkerboards: These checkerboards are made with alternating dark and light squares.
Inlaid checkerboards: These checkerboards have the squares inlaid with different types of wood.
3D checkerboards: These checkerboards have a raised or sunken checkerboard pattern.

What are the benefits of using a wooden checkerboard?

There are many benefits to using a wooden checkerboard, including:

They are durable and long-lasting.
They are beautiful and add a touch of class to any home.
They are eco-friendly.
They are a great way to teach children about math and problem-solving.

Where can I buy a wooden checkerboard?

You can buy wooden checkerboards online or at many retail stores. Some of the most popular places to buy wooden checkerboards include:

The Home Depot

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